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Positive Psychology and Work

By: Mark Wickliffe, VP of Sales and Marketing

A central tenet of Birkman International, its founder Dr. Roger Birkman, and The Birkman Method® assessment is that job well-being is attainable and necessary for optimal human functioning and organizational health. This …

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Recruiting candidates with a world-class resume

Does not always guarantee success

All of our clients drive their businesses forward by recruiting candidates using our profiling reports to ensure as near as possible a perfect fit for their requirements. For those who think that recruitment is just a matter of finding candidates …

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Sales Recruitment

The UK and European economies are not in good shape having been in recession since 2008 and the need for companies to increase revenues has never been greater. To this end we have a number of clients who are now …

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Lewis Hamilton could be bigger than Beckham

By Rory Ross

Originally Printed in The Daily Telegraph.

“Andy Austin, head of the Dobson Lyle consultancy, runs a psychometric test, Personal DNA Profiling, which identifies the emotional, mental and cognitive thought processes common to high-achieving individuals. In 1990, he …

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